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Time Flies
Cyborg 004 and Biina
It's been quite a while (4 years) since I've posted to my journal. I've been busy with university studies, anime, finding a job, etc.

Few days ago I applied for a job as an editor and typesetter to Digital Manga, Inc.
I had to take a few tests to see if I'm qualified to work those jobs, I have a new respect for editors and typesetters, it's not an easy job, but I did my best and I just have to hope that I'll get the job.

I've started my Christmas wish list, but when you're on a budget, then it's hard to pick what will be bought for the holiday.

Today I joined the beNippon Affiliate program.

beNippon is an excellent export service where you can buy items from Japan like books, manga, plushies, etc. I recommend it if anybody is looking for Christmas gift.

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Still with the fuzzies....

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